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Services & Fees

We offer traffic ticket defense at an affordable price. With over 20 years experience in Albany County, we provide an excellent value, helping clients save time, money, points, and a trip to court.

What Type of Traffic Ticket Do you Have?

VTL 1180 - Speeding tickets are one of the most common citations in New York state and are issued by local law enforcement as well as State Troopers. →

VTL 1144-a - The Ambrose-Searles "Move Over" law is taken very seriously by local law enforcement and was recently upgraded to a 3 point violation. →

VTL 511 - Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a motor vehicle in the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st degree are criminal misdemeanors and felonies issued to motorists driving with a suspended, revoked or nonexistant license. →

VTL 1110(a) - The Disobey Traffic Control device is a 2 point moving violation and is often issued as a reduction from charges of speeding. →

VTL 1225-c - Cell phone tickets. The use of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices while driving has become a hot topic. This section describes when it is ok, and not ok, to talk on a phone while driving. →

VTL 1225-d - New York state has focused several campaigns to stop highway accidents and fatalities caused by distracted drivers texting, checking email, or surfing the web on portable electronic devices. →

VTL 1163 - Signal violations, improper turn. These are 2 point moving violations issued frequently on busy city streets like Washington, Madison, and Central Avenues. →

VTL 306 - Uninspected motor vehice is a 0 point violation but can lead to more serious problems if not corrected. →

VTL 375-1 - Inadequate brakes is a common ticket issued to professional CDL drivers, often in combination with other serious charges. →

VTL 375 - Other equipment violations issed to CDL drivers. These can be dismissed if repaired in time. →

VTL 377 - Unsecured cargo is a serious criminal misdemeanor usually issued to professional truck drivers. →

VTL 381 - Motorcycle equipment tickets. →

VTL 402 - Improper plates. →

VTL 600 - The violations in this section involve leaving the scene of an incident, such as a motor vehicle accident, without reporting. →

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