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Anatomy of a New York Traffic Ticket

Understanding your charges and the kind of ticket you have been issued is half the battle, but it can be quite a struggle trying to decipher the curious paper you were handed when pulled-over. This guide has been created to help you better understand each section of a New York state Vehicle & Traffic law citation. → I Just Want To Hire a Lawyer To Do This For Me

First, Determine Which Form You Have

New York traffic tickets are typically printed on thin, thermal paper and come in two forms (shown below). Form A is a narrow sheet of paper (smaller than your typical 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper) that an officer fills out by hand. Form B is a full-size sheet of paper with all fields completed by a computer. Sometimes, Form B will appear to be one very long sheet of paper. In reality, these are two separate documents - one is the ticket and the other is the Supporting Deposition. → What Is A Supporting Deposition?

Hand-Written Speeding Ticket Computer Print-Out Speeding Ticket

To learn more about your specific charges and what penalties you may be facing, simply click on the image above that looks most like your ticket.

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