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Signal Violations

There are five separate signal violations under Section 1163, including FLD TO USE/IMPROPER USE-4-WAY FLASH and Improper Turn. These are 2 point moving violations, usually with a max fine of $100.

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Our Fees

If you fail to signal or improperly signal and get a ticket somewhere in Albany, we can help. Our typical fee to defend a VTL 1163 case is $195. In a case where a personal appearance is required, the fee will usually be $295.00, but please call us or send us an email so we can discuss your case and give you an accurate quote. Tell Us About Your Ticket →

About VTL 1163

Section 1163 of the Vehicle & Traffic law describes rules and regulations for using signals for stopping, turning, and other actions. It is broken down into five specific sections as 1163(a), 1163(b), 1163(c), 1163(d), and 1163(e). The most common signal tickets in Albany are for failure to signal or improper use of hazards, with most of these occuring in cities or towns where drivers often forget or do not bother to signal an intention to change lanes or turn. The full text can be found in the Laws Of New York state. Read All Of VTL 1163 →


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