The "Move Over" law is a 3 point moving violation with fines up to $275 per conviction. Intended to protect the safety of law enforcement and emergency workers on state highways, this law is aggressively enforced.

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Our fee to defend a 1144-a ticket in an Albany County court is a flat $195.00 in most cases. Some courts, like the Town of Bethlehem Justice Court in Delmar, do not negotiate these charges. In other words, the only way to get out of a Move Over ticket in some places is to have your charges dismissed by having your innocence upheld in a trial. If a personal appearance or trial is requested in your case, our fee is usually $295.00. I Am Innocent and I Want a Trial →

For a comprehensive quote, please contact our office with the details of your case, including a copy of your ticket and any related documents you have received from the court. If your license is currently suspended for Failure to Answer Summons or if you have any other license complications, please let us know.

About VTL 1144-a

Section 1144-a of New York state Vehicle & Traffic law requires drivers to slow down and move over to an open lane when approaching emergency vehicles with red, white, or amber flashing lights that are parked, stopped, or standing on the shoulder or anywhere else on the road. It was known as the Ambrose-Searles Move Over Act and has come to be known commonly as the "Move Over" law. The law contains two subsections (subsection "(b)" was added in January, 2012) detailing specifics of compliance that you can read in full at the Laws of New York State. How Do I Know if I Got A "Move Over" Ticket? →

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Read the full text of section 1144-a of the New York state Vehicle & Traffic law. public.leginfo.state.ny.us

View the outcomes of real VTL 1144-a cases handled by the Law Office of Randall E. Kehoe. nyspeedingticketfines.com

The Law Office of Randall Kehoe has been on the forefront of defending "move over" law cases since its implementation in 2011. Check Out Our Blog Post

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