Albany Traffic Court

The Traffic Part of the Albany City Court is also known as the "Albany Traffic Court" and is located in the basement of City Hall at 24 Eagle Street in downtown Albany, NY. The court clerks can be reached by phone on weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm at (518) 453-4630.

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If you were issued a ticket in the city of Albany, we can help you protect your driving history from points and, in most cases, we can do so without you having to come to court. For those with a problematic driving history, we may still be able to help you avoid or reduce points to avoid a license suspension, revocation, expensive fines and special DMV fees. Even if your license is currently suspended or if you have plead guilty without understanding your rights, contact us to discuss your options. How Do I Know if the Albany City Court is Handling My Ticket?

For a finalized quote, please always contact our office with as much information regarding your case as possible, including a copy of all your ticket(s) - even if you plan to plead guilty to zero point violations like window tint. The more information you can provide us with at the beginning of the case, the better. If you have received a Notice of Pretrial Conference, Notice of Suspension, or any other notice from the court or New York DMV regarding your case, please provide us with copies.

About The Albany Traffic Court

This court is one of the Capital Region's busiest traffic courts and its jurisdiction includes the entire city of Albany. It encompasses both SUNY Albany campuses, The College of St. Rose campus, downtown State Offices, Madison Ave & much of Western, Washington, and Central Avenues. Parts of interstates I-87 (NY Thruway), I-90, and the I-787 interchange are also within the city limits.

The majority of criminal cases in the city of Albany are prosecuted in the Police Court on Morton Ave, but traffic-related misdemeanors like Aggravated Unlicensed Operation are also handled here.


Parking at the City Hall building is limited, with a few unmetered spots available right in front on Eagle Street. Otherwise, metered parking is available on State Street and other nearby streets, but can be very difficult to find on weekdays. Usually, your best bet for parking will be down the hill somewhere near the intersection of State and Pearl.

Other Considerations

No firearms or other weapons are allowed to be carried into the building and you will have to pass through a medal detector to proceed to court. If you need help navigating the building, one of the local officers at the reception desk may be able to assist you.


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